I’m a software guy, and I look for hard [CS] problems to add value. I’ve spent the last decade solving these problems for a bunch of companies ranging from the biggest (by revenue) to the minuscule and everything in between; check out my LinkedIn page if you’re curious.

I’m mostly based in Dublin, Ireland. I like cycling (Road and MTB), restoring old cars and doing road trips with newer cars when I get the time.

Getting in touch

The best way to get in touch is either via email, chris [at] or through LinkedIn. I hang around StackOverflow a bit and am [increasingly rarely] on IRC as #m0wfo. Being a reclusive soul I tend to avoid social media.

I like to work on some open-source bits & pieces; you can find most of them on my  GitHub account. Irrespective of code quality, these are probably the things I’ve worked on which have had the greatest cumulative impact:

  • cups– Common UNIX Printing System bindings for Ruby
  • SprintStack– JVM-based compatibility layer for node.js, using Rhino and Akka
  • Foxbat– JRuby compatibility layer for EventMachine using Netty and JDK7 concurrency primitives


Boring stuff


I use Google Analytics on this site- it sticks the usual cookies in your browser for this domain. This blog is only accessible over https. Attempting to visit a plaintext equivalent URL will just redirect to the encrypted version. This blog is hosted on GitHub Pages, so requests are subject to their privacy policy too.

Content & affiliations

This blog is an outlet for me to elaborate about projects I’m working on, talks I’m giving and sometimes just a scratchpad for me to remember stuff I’ll otherwise forget. I make no claim that any of it is correct, although I would claim that much of it is irreverent. I always endeavour to leave comments open in case there are any glaring errors or if something causes offence.

I’m not compensated for any work I do on or relating to this blog and the views expressed herein are wholly my own and not representative of my current or any previous employers.