This kind of stuff shouldn’t happen. Last week at work I got a Linux server set up & configured for a specific project. All was well so I forgot about it and shut it down last thing on Friday. Some days later I found that as the machine had been assigned a different IP, it proved to be somewhat elusive.

I know OS X starts an mDNS broadcast of your local SSH service when you enable remote login, which is great for finding local machines you seldom log into. As it happens, it’s pretty easy to do with Avahi, too.

  1. Install Avahi. This is pretty well covered in the Avahi wiki and in endless forum threads. The likelihood is that your distro has a package.
  2. Create a file called ssh.service in /etc/avahi/services. It should contain something like this:

Restart the daemon.

If you’re on a mac, pressing shift + cmd + K should pop up a list of available hosts with the service name you gave showing:


More info here.